Intel Core i9-10875H Review

Enthusiast laptop processor released in 2020 with 8 cores and 16 threads. With base clock at 2.3GHz, max speed at 5.1GHz, and a 45W power rating. Core i9-10875H is based on the Comet Lake H 14nm family and part of the Core i9 series.
Price 48.4%
Speed 83%
Productivity 81%
Gaming 90%
Category Laptop
Target enthusiast
Socket Compatibility BGA 1440
Integrated Graphics
Cooler Included Yes
Overclock Potential 0 %
Year 2020 Model
Price 550 USD
Number of Cores 8 Cores
Number of Threads 16 Threads
Core Frequency 2.3 GHz
Boost Frequency 5.1 GHz
Max Stable Overclock 5.1 GHz
Power Consumption 45 W
Manufacturing Process 14 nm
L3 Cache 16 MB
Maximum Supported Memory 64 GB
Price-Value Score 48.4 %
Speed Score 83 %
Productivity Score 81 %
Gaming Score 90 %
Max 1080p Bottleneck 26.7 %
Max 1440p Bottleneck 13.3 %
Max 4K Bottleneck 6.7 %
Overall Score 52/100

The Core i9-10875H is one of Intel's enthusiast Laptop processors. It was released in 2020 with 8 cores and 16 threads. With base clock at 2.3GHz, max speed at 5.1GHz, and a 45W power rating. The Core i9-10875H is based on the Comet Lake H 14nm family and is part of the Core i9 series.

Core i9-10875H is also the successor of Intel's last gen Core i7-9850H processor that was based on the Coffee Lake Refresh and 14nm process and was released in 2019.

It shouldn’t be too terribly surprising that a 8-core, 16-thread processor with a 5.1GHz boost clock performs like an absolute monster. The Intel Core i9-10875H is straight up the fastest piece of silicon you can buy without wading into the HEDT scene – at least until moving to the Core i9-10980HK.

The Intel Core i9-10875H is an absolute behemoth of a processor, as it absolutely should be with its 8 cores, 16 threads and high price tag. If you’re looking for the absolute best processor money can buy on a mainstream processor, then look no further. Whether you’re playing PC games or even doing hardcore video and 3D work, the Intel Core i9-10875H can handle them with ease.

What this all means is that the Intel Core i9-10875H is an absolute beast when it comes to multi-threaded workloads, especially at this price point. If you're counting on doing some video editing or compiling one hell of an Excel spreadsheet, you're going to see firsthand a performance boost with the Core i9-10875H.

One of the nice things about the Intel Core i9-10875H processors is that the retail boxed models come with a CPU cooler. So, you can pick something like the Intel Core i9-10875H up for $550 and don’t need to spend any extra money on CPU cooling.

The Intel Core i9-10875H retail boxed processor comes with the traditional ‘pancake’ CPU cooler. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done on this processor which is rated at 45W TDP. You do not need to have an aftermarket cooling solution unless you want to.

With Core i9, Intel continues to innovate on its new architecture and 14nm process. Like Core i9, Intel has engineered Core i9 to operate on a BGA 1440 chipset with all the modern amenities of computing. This includes support for DDR4 RAM, the fastest NVMe SSDs and Thunderbolt 3 ports.

Now the biggest question is can Intel’s Core i9 processor play games? The answer is simply yes as it got a respectable gaming score of 90% in our benchmarks.

Regardless of those external factors, the Core i9-10875H proves it has the chops to be your main gaming system and a just as effective media creation platform – two things that are becoming intrinsically connected in this age of live-streaming, eSports and uploading gameplay videos.

Fresh from a successful roll-out of mainstream Core i9 CPUs, Intel's attack on AMD now extends down into the enthusiast with its Core i9-10875H processors, which the company is making available as of 2020.