Intel Core i3-9350KF CineBench R20 SingleThreaded

Entry-level Desktop processor released in 2019 with 4 cores and 4 threads. With base clock at 4GHz, max speed at 4.6GHz, and a 91W power rating. Core i3-9350KF is based on the Coffee Lake Refresh 14nm family and part of the Core i3 series.
Price 44%
Speed 86%
Productivity 63%
Gaming 91%

Intel Core i3-9350KF Rendering Benchmarks

Rendering tests are a long-time favorite of reviewers and benchmarkers, as the code used by rendering packages is usually highly optimized to squeeze every little bit of performance out. Sometimes rendering programs end up being heavily memory dependent as well - when you have that many threads flying about with a ton of data, having low latency memory can be key to everything. Here we take a few of the usual rendering packages under Windows 10, as well as a few new interesting benchmarks.

Intel Core i3-9350KF Cinebench R20

CineBench R20 SingleThreaded
Core i3-9350KF CineBench R20 SingleThreaded Performance

The Core i3-9350KF sits between Ryzen 9 5950X and Ryzen 9 5900X. It is 0.2% lower than the Ryzen 9 5950X while being 1.7% higher than the Ryzen 9 5900X. The Core i3-9350KF takes a comfortable 15.5% lead over the Ryzen 5 3400G. The Core i3-9350KF's performance earns it the 17th place. Intel's Core i3-9350KF notches a small win over the Core i3-8350K, but opens up an impressive lead over the stock Ryzen 5 3400G. Overall, the Core i3-9350KF is an average performer with its 4-cores and 4-threads in this benchmark.

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Critics Reviews

Core i3-9350KF Overclocking Overclocking was a rather straightforward affair with the 3950KF: We set CPU core voltage to 1.34V and dialed in a 5.1 GHz overclock, which is a 100MHz improvement over ...
The stock Ryzen 5 3600X is very competitive, however, with the Core i3-9350KF. Stockfish, an open-source chess engine, is designed to extract the utmost performance from many-core chips by scaling ...
Boasting four cores and four threads, the Core i3-9350KF processor from Intel has a 4 GHz base clock speed and a 4.6 GHz maximum boost speed. Compatible with LGA 1151 motherboard sockets, the i3-9350KF is unlocked, making it ideal for overclocking.
While the Core i3-8350K came with value for money in its favour, that same value looks set to harm the Core i3-9350KF we have here. The former costs £135, while this new CPU has launched at £180 ...
The likes of the Ryzen 5 2600X and Ryzen 7 2700 retail for similar prices to the Core i3-9350KF, and in content creation they simply lay waste to the Intel CPU. The latter was a third quicker than ...
Intel Core i3-9350KF Specs and Price. The Core i3-9350KF recommended retail price is around $175, although it’s currently selling for around $220 due to it still being rolled out to retailers. The “F” at the end of this CPUs name represents the lack of integrated graphics.
Intel i3 9350KF - Performance – Cores 4, Threads 4, Processor Base Frequency 2.80 GHz, Max Turbo Frequency 4.60 GHz, Cache 8 MB, Bus Speed, 8 GT/s DMI3, TDP 91 W.

Related Comments

finlayj123 November 04, 2019
Why wont my computer boot? Please Help!
Hey, so recently I've run into some trouble with my computer, its a new-ish build only around a year or so at most old. Could really use some help/advice.
Here are its specs:

Mobo: Asus Strix z270
GPU: GTX 970 (recently replaced under warranty for a new card)
CPU: Intel Core i5 6600K (Now using an Intel Core i3 9350KF)
Cooler: CorsairH100i V2
RAM: corsair Vengance LPX DDR4 2400mhz
SSD: Intel 480GB (not sure how old this is but it seems to still be working from my testing)
PSU: Thermaltake 875W (by far the oldest component)

Essentially, when the PSU is on, the GPU and Mobo lights come on as per usual, however when I press the power button to boot the PC I hear the PSU fan begin to spin up, however after maybe ~20 seconds it then spins down again, and stops; the cooler light doesn't come on, nor do any other fans or lights.
Having tested the CPU in a different motherboard, The same thing would happen. EXCEPT, when I removed the GPU from the system, upon power up, the cooler light would turn on, and as would the case fans and cooler fans, but still no visible evidence of booting on screen. (This also happens with the original mobo too)
The same thing happens when using the new CPU. PSU fan spins for a bit, but nothing else, and then if you take out the GPU everything works, but no visible boot.
I've also tried with a different PSU and had the same results, and am feeling $275 lighter (for the new cpu) and very confused.

TLDR: PC wont boot; PSU just makes some noise for a lil. If I take out the GPU and boot it, all the fans and lights will turn on and keep running but PC doesn't give a signal to screen.

Thanks so much for your help.
Calvin7 February 19, 2013
i3 9350KF is not a supported CPU in the Asus Strix z270. You need a Intel 300 Series chipset not a 200 Series (Z270) for that CPU.